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  • Michelle Kopper

    “OMG! I had a session with Michelle this week that blew my mind. She asked me a number of questions about my business, than channeled her muse and created a dramatic rendition of my keynote speech in just a few minutes!!!! It was a marvelous thing to witness. I'm really happy I recorded it on Zoom so I can watch it over and over. She has a superpower that can change your business and your life in a dramatic way, in every sense of the word.”


  • Michelle Kopper

    “Michelle is an amazing teacher and inspiration. Before working with her I would often be a nervous wreck before stepping up to speak or get in front of a camera. I would feel that I needed to meticulously memorize exactly what I had to say in order to get my message across and not make a fool of myself. Working with her taught me that I can trust that I already know my message and the words will be there when doing a talk or presentation. She also gave me the confidence to begin speaking in front of audiences to promote my message and I already have 5 speaking dates scheduled with more on the way. I whole heartedly recommend Michelle's services to anyone who is looking to step out of the background, speak up, and get their message out to a wider audience.”

    Brian Peck


  • Michelle Kopper

    “Michelle is awesome! She taught me exactly how to use my voice to get my message out there in the clearest way possible. With her help, I was able to fundraise almost $2,000 in one day to get my business going! Working with Michelle boosted my confidence and helped me to succeed in a medium I knew nothing about before talking with her.”


    Founder of American Victories

  • Michelle Kopper

    “Michelle Kopper is a true professional. In only one session, she helped improve my talk tremendously, and gave me several valuable ways to increase the impact of my delivery. She offers a rare, and wonderful combination of creating valuable content, and with her performance background, teaches proven techniques to improve one's stage presence, voice clarity, and timing. I'm glad I recorded our session, as I continued to learn while listening again. Michelle is a master of performance, and she is delightful to work with, as well. I highly recommend her.”