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Called to share something big but not sure how to share it?
Scared to be seen and heard?
Done holding yourself back and ready to be more visible, grow your audience, and make more money?


  Unlock YOUR message Discover the unique-to-you formula so that you stand out in the crowd--by being more YOU.

  Increase Your Confidence & Stop Holding Yourself Back 5 easy steps to Own Your Expertise in a new powerful way so that your message resonates with your BEST clients and they trust you, value you, and hire you. 

√  Transform Your Marketing Discover your own "secret sauce" to easily and authentically engage and enroll more clients with no "salesy" stuff.

  Claim Your Voice & Clarify Your Message to call-in clients: Online, On-Video, and in Livestreams

√  Break Through the Noise Online To Make More Money I'll show step by step how your unique collection of experiences, expertise, and challenges can combine into a captivating message to easily engage your audience, increase your authority and inspire your ideal clients to work with you.

​In less than 15 minutes a day, this fast, fun & FREE challenge will help you own your one-of-a-kind message to dial-up your confidence, amp up your inspiration, and supercharge your message so that you break through the noise online with visibility that attracts and enrolls your best clients.

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  • Michelle Kopper

    “One of the biggest takeaways I received was realizing the depth of my 40-year journey into my field did not provide the needed self-confidence to step into my truth! ...I am also sooo ready to do it!

    Here’s how this changed my work. Someone referred a client who was in great physical pain. Because you discussed “the firehose”, I recognized her fear. I backed off! ... She paid me 5 times my rate!!! Thank you!”

  • Michelle Kopper

    “I’m not even sure I understand yet just how much impact this challenge has had on me. When I ... looked at everything I had learned about myself each day, it was like a cure for impostor syndrome. ”

  • Michelle Kopper

    “I feel very encouraged to start doing more Facebook lives and sharing my message in a bigger way on video, the way Michelle showed us that we all have something important to share and that it is a combination of our experience, our challenges, passion and the way we share it really gave me a Boost..that I can attract y ideal audience by being myself! ”

  • Michelle Kopper

    “==> What impact do you believe this challenge will have on your visibility?

    "It will transform it totally. I wasn’t visible up to now because I didn’t really know what my message was and how to “sell” myself. Now that I am clear what that message is and with what voice to deliver it, I know that my visibility will shoot through the roof... Because I am clear now who I am and what I am bringing to my ideal clients, I have changed my “voice” in my messaging. ”

  • Michelle Kopper

    “What impact do you believe this challenge will have on your visibility? I will be more confident sharing my message even if it feels vulnerable... the whole challenge was so powerful... I learned that my challenges and vulnerability are my Superpowers and that I liberate others AND liberate myself when I share my message. ”

  • Michelle Kopper

    “The challenge made me realize that I need to focus on my strengths which is to tell my unique story and to get visible on stage.

    As a result of this challenge I will be more natural on video – go live without scripting too closely.

    My biggest takeaway from the challenge is the realization that everything in my life has led to this moment.”

  • Michelle Kopper

    “1. Impact – I was reminded that I have ‘power’ to serve others
    2. Favorite part – the interaction with my friends here and the new connections
    3. Biggest takeaway – understanding is about sharing what you have and consistently showing up
    4. Do differently – share my services on video FB & YouTube even if I fell out of my comfort zone”

  • Michelle Kopper

    “I have understood the power of vulnerability and that it is a strength not a weakness for decades, yet I still kept my vulnerability in check.
    When I read how people were allowing themselves to be open and vulnerable, it supported me in feeling it was OK to allow others to see a more vulnerable side to me as well. ”

  • Michelle Kopper

    “What impact do you believe this challenge will have on your visibility?
    "Even more than visibility which is “a given,” I believe this challenge will turbocharge my CREDIBILITY because the exercises ferreted out things that are uniquely mine that will differentiate me and also allow me to come across authentically and “purely” so that my calling, intentions and value are well understood and received.”

  • Michelle Kopper

    “I believe this challenge laid the foundation for deeper courage and bravery in the face of my internal resistance to allowing my voice to be heard.

    I’m going to start doing live videos and sharing more written content I’ve previously been afraid to do. I basically haven’t been sharing my message, I’ve been hiding it....

    I feel a new strength and courage in sharing my voice. Thank you so much!”

Join The Challenge Here!

About Michelle Kopper

Transformational Message Mentor, Michelle Kopper, is a Visibility Expert who helps experts, coaches, healers, speakers, and other purpose-led entrepreneurs find their voice, clarify their message and expand their powerful presence to grow their reach, impact and income as they give voice their vision: online, onstage and on-video. Michelle’s unique approach to visibility – online and off -- helps you find your words, activate your confident presence and turn your vulnerability around being seen and heard into your greatest marketing asset so that your message inspires and moves your audience to engage and hire you.

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