Ready to elevate your results and simplify your approach to have more of your ideal clients SEE you, HEAR you, and HIRE you?


...without complicated technology, spammy selling, or adding even one more thing to your plate?! 

Do any of these sound like you when it comes to creating confident visibility that leads to consistent $10K+ months?

  • You've tried program after program, platform after platform, and strategy after strategy but aren't getting the income results promised...

  • You're not always sure what to say or how to say it so that people "get what you do" and want to hire you...(so you're "visible" but don't have all the clients you want...)

  • You don't know exactly how, when, or how often to make offers so that people buy your courses, programs, coaching or services... (or you're offering but not enough of the right clients are signing up...)

  • You want more clients signing up, more money in the bank and a business that you run instead of a business that runs you...(and you simply cannot add even 1 more thing to your plate!)

  • You don't have a cohesive strategy for how all the moving parts fit together and lead to clients and income... (so you struggle with your message, you're spinning your wheels with your marketing, busy all the time and still don't have the sales and enrollment you want...)

If any of the above rings true...you're not alone.

You're among many other smart, committed, high-vibe coaches and practitioners facing the same challenges...

This is for you.

Keep reading to have what could be the most important shift you make in your business ever... so that you're gaining momentum as 2023 rolls in...

3 reasons many coaches and transformation experts don't have all the clients and income they want....

  • They love to DO their work but don't love talking about or promoting their work... (and wish they didn't have to market and sell at all...)

  • They feel unclear on their message...and it's ability to attract their best clients (How to share what you do so that you do so that your best clients see you, hear you, hire you...)

  • They don't have a clear, confident, and compelling "inspired offer" (or they have too many...)

  • They're focused on "getting more clients" instead of designing their business to create the income and impact they want (which keeps them busy & playing small instead of pulling up their Big Girl CEO pants and leading...)

  • They're visible everywhere, taking course after course, hopping all over the pond -- doing "all the things" -- but not making the money they want... (with no clear strategy to prioritize and IMPLEMENT inspired action that creates INCOME.)

What If You Knew Exactly How To Design Your Custom Implementation Strategy to Get Visible, Attract Amazing Clients & Grow Your 6-Figures & Beyond Business?

...even if clarifying your message, being visible consistently and creating the revenue you want has been uncomfortable, uncertain or unpredictable so far...

I've helped thousands of purpose-led, heart-based coaches and healers claim their voice, clarify their message and call-in more clients, more easily, more often...

  • You don't need more training, tactics and tools...

  • You don't need to dance on TikTok or spend countless hours engaging on every social media platform that's out there...

  • You don't have to be someone you're NOT (pushy, spammy or salesy) in order to have more clients signing up...
P1050907-Edit (2019_07_02 05_27_57 UTC)

There's one ingredient that gets left out of most "guru" formulas and other people's templates, formulas and blueprints...

This one thing can transform your visiblity and marketing into inspired sharing that uplifts others AND creates the income you need to make the difference you want to make... 

Want to know what it is?

It's YOU.  Your voice. Your perspecive. Your expertise. Your Vision. Your heart's desire...it's what I call...

Your Frequency Factor™

... that's what light you up like a beacon to your best clients...
Your Frequency Factor 6-Figure Revenue MC

No one has your unique combination of vision, challenges, experiences, information, education, training

No one has your energetic presence

  • Your physical voice is as unique as your DNA
  • Your sound, your face, your presence are more powerful than any words you say

No one puts the puzzle together the way you do...

Your most highly aligned, high vibe clients are looking for YOU...

That's Why I Created System to Make Sharing Your Message and Marketing Your Transformation Business Easy, Doable & Profitable -- by being more YOU.

...without complicated funnels, expensive ads, gimmicky content creation, or icky sales tactics.

Hi! I'm Michelle Kopper, The Transformational Message Mentor and the creator of The Visibility Success Accelerator.

When I started to build my business online 8 years ago I immersed myself in high-level mentorship with marketing experts, coaches and programs to "crack the online marketing code..."

I dived in and started plugging away with courses, trainings , and experts to learn everything I could about email, jvs, freebies, program creation, marketing, blogs, books... every social media platform I could find...  and the funnels... oh, the funnels... 

I got visible... but didn't get all the clients I wanted at first... 

It was overwhelming, frustrating and exhausting...

I did everything the "gurus" said... threw myself into their systems, strategies and techniques...

but I wasn't getting the results that were promised...

mk selfie 1-crop THUMBNAIL2022

Until it finally hit me... I had left the most important ingredient out!

I wasn't using my best business building assets:

My Voice  |   My Strengths  |   My Inspiration  | My Intuitive Guidance

Once I realized that I knew...I had to find my own Customized, Aligned Approach to use the best of all the resources and trainings I had invested in and create a system and marketing approach that worked for ME to attract and enroll MY Clients.

Over the next 18 months I put alignment & inspiration first and strategy, tactics & tools second... and stopped doing everything "they" said... to find my own visibility strengths, marketing rhythm and messaging superpowers...

You, your voice, your vision, your inner guidance and your customized, aligned approach is all a part of what I call:  The Frequency Factor™ 

As I created and implemented a Visibility Strategy from inspiration, using the strategies, tactics and tools that were most aligned for me... everything changed... 


I streamlined my content creation, simplified my plan and started to see more clients signing up -- almost doubling my income in the process... !

I did LESS busywork and took more inspired action... I showed up bigger and more boldly using self-trust as my guide (with a healthy dose of daring sprinkled on top.) 

  • Figuring out what to say became easy

  • Connecting with potential clients became fulfilling

  • Positioning irresistible offers became second nature

  • Attracting clients consistently became the norm.

As I started to get results and have a streamlined, inspired, not-working-all-the-time rhythm... I realized I had inadvertently created a pathway that would work for others too...

As I developed a system to find my own customized approach to visibility, marketing and sales...I created a pathway for others to find THEIRS...

My Frequency Factor™ approach allows you to focus on your strengths and let your inner-guidance and intuition lead the way... so that the tactics and strategies you explore are measured against your own inner power and vision.

As you build your business -- create content, clarify your offers/invitations, craft your promotions and messaging... your "visibility marketing" -- from a foundation of alignment, inspiration, and ease... marketing starts to feel as good as doing the work you love.

The Frequency Factor™ lets you tune in and amplify your own secret sauce so that you can
craft your message and do your marketing --->>>"from the inside out."

As this innovative approach evolved... I realized a few very important things:

#1: Constant research, study and training, complicatad technology and hopping on to the next "hot new platform" --- without Implementation that lead to clients signing up ---  is a DISTRACTION.

#2: Waiting til you're ready, trying to do everything everyone is telling you to do, and thinking you have to "get it right" before you take action is letting perfectionism, avoidance, and insecurity run the show.

#3: Constant hustle, staying over-busy, and perfectionism are all ways to avoid the more vulnerable... and essential... actions of crafting, positioning, and making offers... and creating content that consistently leads to sales conversations and clients signing up.

FFLF SP 4.jpg

I've since walked dozens of coaches, healers, transformation business owners and other purpose-led entrepreneurs through the same steps to get visible online, craft their aligned, inspired, client-attracting message and create a streamlined visibility rhythm that leads to the income they need to make the impact the want to make. 

...by Tuning into you unique Frequency Factor™ to design your business, offers, message and marketing plan... from the inside out.

And now the question is… Are you next?

Schedule a FREE call to with our team to get clear & find out if this approach is the next right step for you and your business!

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Ready to step up and share your message with the world through your high-impact, thriving, and purpose-led online business without constant hustling, endless striving, or staying stuck treading water in the rapidly accelerating virtual world...?

This can be the moment you...

  • Stop spinning your wheels in the constant hustle of reactive, fear-based marketing, where you're always trying to figure out what will work to attract and enroll clients

  • Have the marketing transformation, message make-over, and clarity kick-start that you need to finally have a sustainable, consistent, and trusty rhythm, that lets you attract and enroll clients by being more aligned and inspired...

  • Walk away from marketing overwhelm, icky sales tactics, endlessly trying to embrace the next new technology, or spending all day on social media chasing after clients
  • Michelle Kopper

    “Michelle is a master at helping you unlock your unique transformational message and share it with confidence, clarity and your one-of-a-kind presence. She brings real results and value along with her contagious, playful, and engaging personality.”

    Business & Technology Strategist, Founder, BusinessSuccessEdge.com

Why "just being visible" isn't enough...

No matter how often or how many places you are visible... you need to:

  • Get Leads (Have your social media, summits, podcasts, videos, blogs, books, freebies, events, workshops, and webinars --  consistently bring you client enrollment conversations or sign ups.)

  • Close Sales (Embrace the enrollment process, know how, when, where and how often to follow up, and create your own Inspired Selling Framework so clients say, "YES,  I'm IN!"... and HIRE YOU!

How to 10x Your Results and cut your effort in half...

When your visibility strategy is built on the foundation of your strengths and trusting your gut, along with a deep connection to and understanding of your most highly aligned clients...

...It's easier, more fun, and way more effective.

When your marketing and messaging is inspired from within and written like an uplifting song to your favorite, “rock-star” clients...

...The right people SEE you, HEAR you, and HIRE YOU.

When your "self-promotion" is teaching, healing, and inspiring your devoted fans to reach their own greatness with every word...

...They start lining up to work with you.

surprise black woman grey background
woman in white arms wide


  • Having a customized, feel-good, Unique-To-You visibility strategy that helps you attract & enroll clients to have the income you want to make the impact you're called to make...

  • Enjoying your visibility and marketing as much as actually doing the work you love...

  • Knowing the exact words your audience needs to hear to “get what you do” and be eager to sign up for your products and programs...
  • Streamlining your client attraction and enrollment to eliminate distractions, detours, and getting caught in the day-to-day details, so that you do less and have more clients signing up

  • Transforming your relationship to marketing… so that your marketing is transformational for your audience

  • Having an aligned "rinse and repeat" system that generates a steady stream of “rock-star” clients as you build your business and serve many.
indian woman w tablet

I've created an way for you to get the high-level coaching you need to get real results inside my innovative "inside-out" visibility-to-profitability implementation experience specifically designed to help you to attract and enroll your BEST clients with marketing that feels as good as doing the work you love so that you can increase your income and make the impact you’re called to make.

  • Even if you’re overwhelmed by technology, social media or all the moving pieces with so many visibility platforms.

  • Even if you feel like you’ve tried every formula, template, or blueprint you can find with little to no results and you’re worried you’ll never crack the code.

  • Even if you feel icky about sales or uncomfortable being highly-visible.







The Visibility Success Accelerator


90-Day Visibility-to-Profitability Intensive to Create & Implement Your Customized,  Aligned, & Inspired Action Plan to Create Consistent $10K or more monthly revenue

...so that you finally have the income you want to make the impact you're here to make.

Here's what a past participants have shared...

Michelle Kopper

“The VSA She helped me set up a clear and sustainable system for being visible and reaching my target audience.

The accountability of the coaching and the group helped me stay on track with my goals and it was always helpful to listen to others in the group as they worked through their process as well.

I love working with Michelle -- my business grew and I became more confident about increasing my visibility as a healer and business owner.”

Journey Health Acupuncture

Michelle Kopper

“I’m super excited to have sold my new healing/coaching package to two people, and one of them is a brand-new client.

My biggest takeaway is, "Transformation through implementation!" I’m more clear about my message and growing in confidence to make offers and am more consistent in getting my voice out there.

I have a solid plan now for my marketing and visibility...I am implementing a new system and strategy. I’ve gotten the tools and support to develop a marketing & visibility strategy and rhythm that works for me.

I’m so grateful I made the commitment to participate.”

Energy Healer & Coach

Michelle Kopper

“Before working with Michelle I would often be a nervous wreck before stepping up to speak or get in front of a camera.

Michelle is an amazing teacher and inspiration. She taught me that I can trust that I already know my message and the words will be there when doing a talk or presentation.

She also gave me the confidence to begin speaking in front of audiences to promote my message and I already have 5 speaking dates scheduled with more on the way. ”

Sales Consultant & Coach

Schedule a FREE strategy call with our team to get clear & find out if this approach is the next right step for you and your business!

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Here's Everything You'll Get When You Join...

Your Aligned Visibility Roadmap
Deep Dive, 1-1 VIP with Michelle

    • Crystal Clear BIG Vision
    • Your Inspired Offer
    • Your 6-Figure Frequency Factor Business Model
    • Streamlined Strategy for Revenue Results
    • Simplified, Sustainable Implementation Roadmap

Value $5,000

emily coaching session screenshot

90-Day Visibility-to-Profitability Accelerator:
Weekly Mentoring & Implementation Sessions!

    • Join me and my team for 12 WEEKLY LIVE online mentoring & implementation sessions
    • We'll roll up your sleeves and GET VISIBLE to attract and enroll clients right on the calls. All your questions answered as you craft your message and implement your 6-Figure Frequency Factor™ Action Plan
    • High-Touch, Small-Group, High-Caliber Coaching to accelerate your visibility-to-profitability in real time

VALUE $12,000

zoom screenshot vsa salespage and mc

Message Magic Mentoring Sessions 
With Michelle

    • Dial in your messaging for the week...
    • Language and strategy for following up and sales
    • Content creations questions answered
    • Claim Your Voice, Clarify Your Message, Call-in Clients!

Value $12,000

Message Magic Thumbnails

Access to Your High-Level Coach inside Weekly Office Hours

    • Get your questions answered and get unstuck to take action and enroll clients every week.
    • Receive high-level, small group coaching each week during the 90-day implementation immersion
    • This is the support you need to get clear, take action and sign up clients.

Value $10,000

zoom screenshot2 10-2022
V2P GROUP Screenshot 2023-02-17 093804

Exclusive 24/7 Access to support in our intimate, private Facebook Community

    • Receive support and feedback of this exclusive community
    • Ask questions and brainstorm content with other purpose-led entrepreneurs.
    • Me and my team are very active in this group and will give you the support you need to keep moving forward between sessions!


Program Value: $39,000

Special savings invitation today...

Have Questions? Reserve Your Price and Schedule a FREE call to with our team to get clear & find out if this approach is the next right step for you and your business!

Schedule Your Free VSA Inquiry Here

More Kudos from past particpants...

Michelle Kopper

“I've been working with Michelle Kopper for a few years -- including the VSA (which I did twice by the way).

I now have weekly Facebook lives, use video to sell, have created and filled a pilot program and a group coaching program. I’ve signed high-end coaching clients and created my first summit ever.

There are so many business coaches and strategists out there that want to give you their cookie cutter way - Michelle Kopper empowers you to find your way!”

CEO of Level Up For Life Coach, LLC.

Michelle Kopper

“Michelle is phenomenal! She cuts through the flotsam and jetsam of your perceptions to find the real vision and message that's in your heart!

Then, she helps you fine-tune, hone, and polish it to perfections. Then, she gives you tools to free your voice so you can spread that vision and message to the world. No fluff. No hype. Just real heart-to-heart coaching!”


Michelle Kopper

“Workign with Michelle I was able to fundraise almost $2,000 in one day to get my business going!

She taught me exactly how to use my voice to get my message out there in the clearest way possible. It boosted my confidence and helped me to succeed in a medium I knew nothing about before working with her.”

Founder of American Victories

Plus, You'll Also Get Access To These Bonuses When You Enroll...

Complete 7-Step Visibility Success System

    • 7 Digital Training Modules with a multiple videos in each lesson, distilled from hundreds of hours of research into what works in today's online landscape

    • My personal instruction and insights in each video as I reveal the entire 7-step marketing transformation system

    • Hands on curriculum designed to help you to create your unique-to-you visibility strategy that attracts and enrolls clients consistently

VALUE $5000

VSA Program Image

The Visibility Success Academy is Your 7-Step Marketing Transformation Program...

Here's what's inside the VSA course...

Your Inspired Visibility Foundation

  • Inspired Visibility Building Blocks
    • Inspired Selling
    • Inspired Mindset
    • Inspired Implementation
  • Inspired Selling Secrets
  • Inspired Presence Protocol
  • Inspired Focus Formula
  • Inspired Invitation Blueprint

Clear, Aligned, Inspired Content For Consistent Client Enrollment

  • The 4 Phases of Visibility
    • What to Say
    • Who to Say it to
    • How to Say it
    • When to Say it
  • Marketing Rhythm Mastery
  • Your Audience Engagement Formula
  • Client Created Content System

Authority Accelerator

  • Authority Accelerator Assessment
  • Unique Value Proposition Blueprint
  • Powerful Positioning Profile
  • Elevate Your Expert Status
  • Voice Your Vision 

Master Your High Impact Invitation

  • Create & Commit To Your High Impact Offer
  • Claim Your Audience: Narrow Your Niche
  • Inspired Selling: 
    Transformational Enrollment Conversations

Identify & Activate Your Visibility Strengths

  • Which Visibility Platforms are Right For You?
  • How to leverage platforms to work together
  • Streamlined Content Creation System:  save time and energy and create consistent messaging and reliable results

Consistent Content Implementation

  • Your Content Creation Style
  • Know What, When, Where And How Often To Post On Each Platform
  • Crystalize Your Inspired Right Action Plan to get more marketing done, more easily and attract more clients.

 Build Visibility to Expand Credibility & Increase Profitability

  • Master Fearless Follow-up
  • Expand Your Reach: When to Explore New Platforms (and when not to!)
  • Close the Sale: Enthusiastic Enrollment!
  • Visibility Strategy Map: Your customized, rinse & repeat marketing implementation plan that attracts and enrolls clients consistently.

Complete, Step-by-Step Guidebooks for Easy Reference for All 7 Sessions

    • Priceless Resources: To tap into your inspiration, align with your strengths and uplevel your message.
    • Timeless Templates: To create your Inspired Invitations, Flashing Marquees and Compelling Content
    • Powerful Exercises: To claim your voice, your vision and your Inspired Visibility 

Value: $2500

VSA Guidebook

The Visibility Strategy Map Workbook

    • This step-by-step downloadable workbook will guide you to create your inspired invitation and strategy for each new product, program, and service you create as your business grows!

Value: $500 


Your "Visibility Business Boosting Bonus Package" includes...


Start-Up Studio Success Bundle!

**Easy 1-2-3 Video set up

Not sure how to get started on video? No Problem! These simple steps will help you make videos like a pro!


  • Which camera to use
  • 10-Years Younger Lighting
  • Simple Sound Solutions
  • How to set the shot
  • Where to look
  • What to wear
  • How to Record
  • How to Upload
  • How to repurpose your video or LIVES

**Fast Video Formula

My special, short form video content template to shoot inspired videos that attract, engage, and enroll your best clients any time, anywhere.

Value $1000


Facebook For Business Basics

Facebook Live is one of the fastest, easiest and most powerful tools you have available to get clients, build your tribe and grow your business today.

**How to set up your Facebook Business Page & Your Facebook Group

  • This video training walks you step by step through the basics to get you business established on Facebook

**Essential Strategies To Go Live on Facebook:

  • On Your Profile
  • On Your Biz Page
  • In Your Group

So that you:

  • Get People to Watch
  • Get People to Engage
  • Give Value-Gain Trust
  • Gather Your Tribe
  • Grow Your Income & Impact

Value $1000


Topic Tidal Wave: Content Explosion

This powerful quick-course is designed to help you find content topics everywhere so that you never have to "figure out what to say" to create clear, compelling content that converts followers and fans into clients...

It will even show you how to let your potential clients create your content for you!

**50 Hot Facebook Live Topics Go LIVE to Engage, Inspire & Enroll...

Use this incredible resource to share stories that inspire and engage your audience as you share your expertise and quickly build your aligned audience of raving fans ready to hire you on the spot

Value $2000



Visibility Power up Mastermind

Full Year Membership

These hands-on, virtual visibility marketing immersions are designed to help you clarify your aligned visibility action plan each month.

You will generate ideas, inspiration, and insight alongside other purpose-led experts in a supportive, collaborative, and creative environment to grow your audience, amplify your leadership, and accelerate your impact and income.

INCLUDES membership in the Visibility Power Up Mastermind Facebook Forum as well.

  • Additional support, brainstorming and experience of other purpose-led, transformation-focused entrepreneurs.

VALUE: $10,000



Your Visibility Breakthrough

As you complete your initial course work with the guidance of Michelle and the team you also get a deep-dive 1-1coaching session  to transform your impact, income and business.

In this powerful session you will:

  • Get crystal clear on the specific High Value Actions that will move you forward for better marketing and messaging results with more ease

  • Uncover hidden blocks or challenges that may be slowing you down or stopping you from playing BIG

  • Discover & Decide on the exact Inspired Actions you will take to move your business and mission full speed ahead with clarity and confidence.

Value $1000

"Visibility Success" Guarantee

We are confident that the results you'll get when you implement the know-how and the tools inside this program will far exceed your investment.

This program and coaching package is designed with the intention of helping you generate $20,000 new sales (or more) in your business within 90 days. 

If after completing the course work, attending the implentation calls, weekly office hours and doing the work to use the tools in your business... you haven't created $20K in revenue Michelle and the team will personally provide you additional support you get those results.

**Individual results depend on implementation, participation, what you have in place and where you are in business. Schedule a call with our team below to have our support determining if these results are possible in your business.

Untitled design (10)

Have Questions? Want to be sure this is the right fit for your right now?
Reserve Your Price and Schedule a Call with our team!

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Here’s A Summary Of All That You Get in your Bonus Access to
The Visibility Success Academy:

✔ Your Aligned Visibility Roadmap -- Deep Dive, 1-1 VIP with Michelle Value $5000

✔ 90-Day Visibility Accelerator: Weekly Mentoring & Implementation Sessions! Value $12,000 

✔ Message Magic Mentoring on Mondays with Michelle: ! Value $12,000 

✔ A High-Level Coach inside Weekly Office Hours Value $10,000

✔ The Complete Visibility Success System including 

  • 7 Digital Training Modules Value $5000
  • Step-by-Step Guidebooks for Easy Reference Value $2500
  • The Visibility Strategy Map Workbook Value $500
  • Access To the VSA Facebook Forum Value PRICELE$$

✔ BONUS #1: Start-Up Studio Success Bundle (Easy 123 Video set up) Value $1000

✔ BONUS #2: Facebook for Business Basics Value $1000

✔ BONUS #3: Topic Tidal Wave Content Explosion Value $2000


Total Value: $51,000

Regular Investment: $9997

Special Invitation: Save Your Seat for $2833

Plus 2 installments of $2833 - total $8499  
OR  Full Pay $7500 to save $999)


Schedule Your Free VSA Inquiry Here

This is a one-time-only Limited Invitation coaching & course package that ends in...









More success stories from past particpants...

Michelle Kopper

“I knew that I should be “putting myself out there” in order to grow, but actually doing it in an effective way is a whole other thing. Through Michelle’s guidance in the VSA, I gained clarity on my messaging, my confidence increased, and I feel much more comfortable being visible. I gained 3 new clients while actually participating in VSA and continue to create leads each week as a direct result of what I learned and implemented during VSA.”

Technical Virtual Assistant

Michelle Kopper

“Michelle Kopper is a true professional. In only one session, she helped improve my talk tremendously, and gave me several valuable ways to increase the impact of my delivery. She offers a rare, and wonderful combination of creating valuable content, and with her performance background, teaches proven techniques to improve one's stage presence, voice clarity, and timing. I'm glad I recorded our session, as I continued to learn while listening again. Michelle is a master of performance, and she is delightful to work with, as well. I highly recommend her.”

MD, Healer & Coach

Michelle Kopper

“Michelle's VSA was the momentum booster I needed to take my coaching business to the next level. She is passionate and creative in bringing out the gifts of others.”

Author, Filled With Gold

Have Questions? Want to be sure this is the right fit for your right now?
Reserve Your Price and Schedule a Call with our team!

Schedule Your Free VSA Inquiry Here

Enrollment in this special, limited invitation and pricing closes soon as the LIVE component of this course begins soon.  This pricing and these bonuses will not be offered again.









Total Program Package Value with Bonuses is: $51,000

Special Invitation Pricing:


(Special Limited Invitation  | Payment Plan Available)


Warning! This training is NOT for you if…

  • You're looking for a formulaic, "canned" marketing approach

  • You want me to give you a “My Way or The High Way” System and expect it to work for you

  • You want to know all the ins-and-outs of every social media platform, to master SEO, or uncover the mystery of paid ads and complicated online funnels

  • You're unwilling or afraid to invest in yourself and your business to create the income, impact and success you say you want

  • You aren’t willing to look at & let go of what’s keeping you stuck, playing small or ... letting uncertainty, self-doubt, or overwhelm run the show

Tune In & Ask Yourself...

  • Do You Want an Inspired, Unique-To-You System to Attract & Enroll Clients Consistently?

  • Are you ready to have a streamlined, feel-good rhythm that maximizes your marketing & visibility while freeing up your time, energy, and attention?

  • Would you like your marketing to feel as good as doing the work you love?

  • Are you 100% committed to showing up fully to answer your calling and serve the people who are looking for your help in the biggest possible way?

  • Would you like high-level, hands-on training and coaching support to do it?

...If so, this training is designed just for you!

A Personal Message From Michelle

Now is truly the time for you to step up and step in to own, embody, and share your message.

I've talked with too many amazing coaches, healers and other transformation business owners frustrated and discouraged after buying course after course or program after program WITHOUT the hands-on support they need to clarify priorities, take inspired action and get real results.

I'm on a mission to help you stop the hustle and hassle of striving and struggling with tools, tactics or strategies that aren't getting you the momentum and income you want. IMPLEMENTATION IS THE WAY TO GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT.

I will not offer you another "shelf-help" course. I don't want you to keep falling into the distraction that you need more training, technology, tactics or tools BEFORE you have more clients. You don't.

If you want more income and a sustainable business you need visibility that builds credibility and leads to clients signing up. You need the people who are out there looking for you to SEE you, HEAR you, and HIRE YOU!

That's why I've pulled this special invitation for you to have High-Level, Hands-On coaching support to get visible and get clients.

Visibility is an inside job and a spiritual practice. It's something you do everyday like yoga, meditation, journaling or prayer.

No more holding back. No more waiting. You are not alone. You can do this. It's important. You and your message are worthy. 

Your clarity, prosperity, and impact are your destiny... but they don't happen alone. Every Great performance has a director and every successful person has collaboration, community, and support.

I have total confidence in you.  Do you? 

I would love to welcome you to the Visibility Success Academy and give you my personal support to help you soar as you attract and enroll more clients and have the satisfaction and results that come from aligned, inspired action and having the income and impact you want.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

How much time will it take? I am so busy but this feels like it's something I could really use...

This program is designed to help you streamline your busy-ness and get better results.

If you're busy but NOT makeing the money you want-- your busy-ness and priorities could be why you aren’t having better sales and faster growth. 

We recommend that you eliminate other courses and distractions during this 90-day period...

We suggest you set aside 5-10 hours a week to commit to the process and focus on the implementation we recommend during the full 90 days in order to create the revenue results we promise.

You will integrate this into your business practice each day so that you have real-time results. 

Remember: A successful business means up to 80% of your activity will be marketing, messaging, visibility and enrollment time. This is where your marketing transformation lives.

Attending the weekly implementation sessions & completing your weekly updates are required. You are an integral part of your cohort and a huge part of the value happens through your participation and implementation.

(If you miss more than 2 you may be removed from your cohort with the option to return another time.)

I've already invested so much in business, I'm hesitant to invest more... is this really worth it?

This program is designed to help you get clear, get confident and get more clients. If you’re fully committed to Inspired Visibility and are prepared to decide, act, and invite -- your income will increase.

So the question is, can you afford to keep doing what you're doing?

Can you afford to spend another moment stressed, struggling, and spinning your wheels being visible – or wondering how to be – without increasing sales?

Can you afford to wait longer trying to figure it out on your own... or take another "how to" course without implementing?

For a manageable investment of only $4997 you could be signing up more clients as quickly as the next few days or weeks.

If you don't have a plan to enroll at least $5000-$10,000 in sales a month your business will struggle. A $100K business requires $8333 in sales per month!

If you want a thriving transformation business this program is designed for you to craft your offer, get more visible and sign up more clients.

How is your course different?

This course is about you taking the best practices of timeless marketing techniques and all you've already invested in growing your business, getting visible, and getting clients...

And finding your alignment and unique visibility strengths and content creation style to create a system that works for you. 

It’s NOT about doing it my way or someone else’s way, but rather is designed to help you find YOUR way. 

I’m not giving you my formula I’m helping you create your own.

What kind of support do you provide in the program?

During our 90-Day Visibility Accelerator and Implementation Immersion, you'll receive personal support from Michelle and the Team weekly in a small-group, high-touch cohort to get visible and enroll clients.

You'll have access to weekly office hours for the entire 90 days.

And the 24/7 support of the community inside our Visibility Power Up group on Facebook. You can post your questions, content, ideas and more in this group and we'll reply with support withing 24-48 hours.

If you want additional 1-1 support we have options for you to upgrade to have that as well.

Our team will be tracking and supporting your actions and progress intimately through out the entire 90-day immersion. 

No one falls through the cracks, gets to hide, or "ghost". We got you!

Can I join VSA later?

The Visibility Success Academy digital course is available as a homestudy program for the full price of $4997 anytime.

This 90-day ACCELERATOR with high-level, hands-on coaching support and implementation support may be offered later in the year.

The special pricing offered here is exclusive to Jan 2023 enrollment only.

The digital home-study version of the Visibility Success Academy course does not LIVE mentoring, office hours, or implementation sessions.

Will this really work for me?

Yes. This program will help you strategically leverage all you've invested in: the programs, courses, platforms, tactics, tools and templates that you've used so far to design and implement in the simplest, most highly aligned & streamlined way to create real revenue results.

You'll get crystal clear on what works for you. You will co-create an aligned, inspired framework for your visibility & marketing that it leads to clients signing up.

We provide an avalanche of coaching and support to help you implement - without adding more to your plate!

When you engage completely show up and, do as suggested including participating fully in the implementation calls and the Facebook group, to put the strategy, techniques, & tools we recommend into ACTION... you will create revenue.

Our promise is that you will create a minimum of $20K or we will provide you additional support until you reach your goal - as long as you are implementing and participating fully.

Past participants have created $10-$20K and even $30k months in their business.

Every past participant who has fully participated, engaged in the mentoring calls and group, and completed their updates has rewired their relationship to marketing and discovered how to find their voice online and be highly visible in a way that attracts and enrolls clients.

About Michelle Kopper, Founder of The Inspired Voice Business Coaching and Creator of Visibility Success Academy & Fearless Facebook Live Formula

Transformational Message Mentor, Michelle Kopper, is a Visibility Expert who helps other experts, coaches, healers, speakers, and purpose-led entrepreneurs find their voice, clarify their message, and expand their powerful presence so that they can grow their reach, impact, and income as they give voice their vision: online, onstage, and on-video. Michelle’s unique approach to visibility – online and off -- helps you find your words, activate your confident presence, and turn your vulnerability around being seen and heard into your greatest marketing asset so that your message inspires and moves your audience to engage and hire you. Her journey to overcome her own debilitating stage fright has given her unique insight into overcoming visibility blocks and fears. 

Her mastery of marketing and messaging along with her strong intuitive ability to download aligned language for her clients has helped many, many purpose-led experts dramatically transform their confidence around being highly visible to amplify their client attraction & enrollment results.

About Megan Apple, Head Coach & Your Implementation Mentor

As head coach, Megan helps our clients gain momentum by sharing tools, processes, and support to implement the strategies they are learning confidently and consistently. She is a master at helping you take action and get results. She will be your Implementation Mentor throughout your time in this innovative course.

Prior to joining Michelle’s team, Megan helped dozens of entrepreneurs go from $0 income to multiple -figures in 1-2 years. She has helped 100’s of entrepreneurs take action to grow their businesses as they refine their marketing, implement aligned strategies, and create systems to streamline their behind-the-scenes, increase their revenue, and provide the best experience to their clients.

Transformation happens through implementation and Megan is a master at helping you implement effectively, efficiently, and from JOY.