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Want to expand your visibility to create more income and make more impact so more of your best clients see you, hear you, and hire you?

This 12-Module Visibility Training you'll discover:

  • My proven 12-step framework to craft your message and design your marketing map so that you expand your visibility, create more income, and make more impact by being more YOU.

  • How to quickly clarify your audience, identify your power platforms, and create content that leads to clients signing up

  • Simple ways to focus, be consistent, and generate leads that become clients

  • A step-by-step path to design your strategy and systematize your visibility as you leverage the power of community and have the right support

PLUS - These 2 Powerful Guides:

  • My Visibility Strategy Map Workbook:Your complete guide to create and implement your customized visibility strategy to attract and enroll clients in the next 30 days or less

  • My Message Mastery Map: Your Client's Journey this  quick referency guide helps you craft content at a glance so that it captures the hearts & minds of your best clients and they see you, hear you, and hire you!
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Michelle Kopper
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“Michelle is a master at helping you unlock your unique transformational message and share it with confidence, clarity and your one-of-a-kind presence. She brings real results and value along with her contagious, playful, and engaging personality.”

Business & Technology Strategist, Founder,

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Michelle Kopper
Ferrell Hornsby

“Michelle cuts through the flotsam and jetsam to help you find the real vision and message that's in your heart... and fine-tune, hone, and polish your it to perfection.

Then, she gives you tools to free your voice so you can spread that vision and message to the world. No fluff. No hype. Just real heart-to-heart coaching!”


Michelle Kopper
Rachell - Copy

“I now have weekly Facebook lives, use video to sell, have created and filled a pilot program and a group coaching program. Michelle Kopper empowers you to find your way!”

CEO of Level Up For Life Coach, LLC.

Michelle Kopper
Nicole King Headshot

“I knew that I should be “putting myself out there” in order to grow, but actually doing it in an effective way is a whole other thing...

“ I gained clarity on my messaging my confidence increased, and I feel much more comfortable being visible. I gained 3 new clients... and continue to create leads each week as a direct result of what I learned and implemented... ”

NK Productive Solutions

Michelle Kopper
melissa oxborrow

“I’m super excited to have sold my new healing package to a brand-new client.

I’m more clear about my message, more confident to make offers and more consistent in getting my voice out there.

I have a solid plan now...I'm implementing a new system and strategy with a marketing & visibility rhythm that works for me.”

Energy Healer & Coach

About Michelle Kopper

"When your message is aligned, inspired, and focused every word you say becomes client attraction and enrollment. When you discover the power of your unique message or gift -- and give voice to it in the biggest possible way -- you easily enroll clients, your business grows, you make more money while having your greatest impact in the world." ~ Michelle Kopper, Visibility, Voice & Video Expert

*Michelle is known as the Transformational Message Mentor and is the creator of the Frequency Factor™, The Dare To Soar Experience, Make Videos That Sell, and The Fearless Go-LIVE Formula! Speak Up. Be Heard. Get Paid.

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